Scarbe Porselli

Porselli is synonymous with "dancer" par excellence, its history is related to classical dance.

In 1919, founder of the company Eugenio Porselli first created his "toe shoes" - the essential instrument of classical dance. The first pairs he made were worn by the iconic ballet dancers: Maria Taglioni and Amalia Brugnoli.

The most famous dancers

In the 1930s Porselli already had offices in London and Paris but it is now known throughout the world.

In Milan, home of the brand, production continues. The Porselli Family have continued designing and making this classic, heritage ballet shoe with tenacity, knowledge and love.

The Porselli dancers

Classical ballet dancers helped make the simple walking line available - after asking for shoes to wear as they left the theatres by evening on the streets. Now available for everyday use, they come in an endless range of colours nuances and materials.

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