Eureka shoes

This is a handcrafted shoe company that has been active in the Marche region in Italy -  the land of important shoemakers - for many years. The quality of shoe manufacturing is noticeable immediately with special hand finishing, traditional stitching and anatomical knowledge of the shape of the foot. We have worked with Eureka for more than 20 years to produce our classic own-brand of shoes.

Slip-resistant baby shoes

With our Tip Tap customised shoes, we choose the best materials, a carefully designed anatomical interior, practical colours and a leather sole with anti-slip, hardly ever seen in most big brand collections.

The sizes range from first steps up to size 40. We offer a classic "desert boot", stitched shoes and shoes with the famous 'two eyes' detail - classic patterns and designs with which we have always identified.

Discover our range of sporty, causal, classic, elegant and well-fitting shoes for all occasions, characterised by the high-quality guarantee of our home-grown brand.

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