Since the 1870s, Pom d'Api has designed and produced quality footwear for children.
More than a century of experience and tradition has seen the production of a perfect shoe in terms of structure and material and these shoes are always of the highest quality, down to the last detail.
These are timeless and beautiful, season after season.
Innovation in shoes

The Rautureau family has always been at the helm of this prestigious French house. Its founder Jean Batiste Rautureau, artisan shoemaker, opened the first store in the village of Gaubretière, and succeeding him his sons Guy and Yvon Rautureau who expanded the company.
In 1974 Pom d'Api received the Oscar for creativity in Milan and since then the brand's fame has grown season by season. In the early 80's the shoes received public recognition and worldwide acclaim.
Professional footwear

The company today has a research centre where modellers and experts work on the development of new mdesigns and contemporary and creative collections.
After their first Paris boutique opened in Rue du Jour, boutiques opened all over the world and today the Pom d'Api collection is world-renowned and synonymous with professional footwear of the highest quality and originality.
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