Start Rite shoes
Visit Tip Tap in Florence and discover Start Rite, a company that has made history in the world of baby and children's footwear.
Since 1792, these traditional and chic British shoes have been enjoyed by families around the world. Many generations have grown up wearing these beautiful shoes, which have become available in new designs and colour-ways over time, but have remained unchanged in their quality and craftsmanship.
Baby Running Shoes Start Rite
Start Rite has many year's experience in the design and production of children's shoes, and use the knowledge of the structure of children's feet, initially soft, easily damaged cartilage, as the basis of the realisation of their collection. They have designs that work in synergy with the development of the foot from the first steps through to 18 Years old- the age at which the foot is usually completely grown.
The foot is a complex part of the body made up of 26 bones, 19 muscles and more than 100 ligaments. Start Rite use this knowledge to create their timeless, practical footwear for children.
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