Blundstone shoes

Blundstone is a 100% private Tasmanian company founded in 1870.

In fact they truly began in 1840, when a group of companies who already worked for the same family in the footwear sector joined together, but in 1932 the family group was named Blundstone. Since then they have become one of the most famous "boot brands" in the world, continuing to maintain the characteristics and values ​​of the original Tasmanian family.

The comfort of our shoes

In 2000, Blundstone acquired the iconic John Bull brand that was founded in New Zealand in 1934.

The head office is still in Tasmania and Blundstone's production is 400,000 pairs of "boot" per year.

Blundstone boots are of absolute comfort, suitable for daily use and any kind of work.

The leather is treated and made waterproof, so it is suitable for any climatic situation.

Blundstone is also committed to sustainable development. In fact, they are made with recycled materials thus minimizing the use of raw materials and fossil and chimox energy.

The Bundstone philosophy

In 2011 they became the symbol of the Australian Packaging Covenant.

This philosophy has allowed them to operate for more than 140 years and contributes to their success.

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